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At the Dentist


We offer personalized treatment plans that help prevent and treat periodontal disease. Routine dental hygiene visits assist in eliminating dental deposits, promoting a healthier mouth and body!

Smiles4Miles cleans above and under the gumline eliminating these harmful deposits. 

You will always receive a thorough dental cleaning at every visit, and more importantly, it will be in the comfort of your own space!

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We recommend children’s hygiene visits begin at approximately 1 years of age. 

Our primary objective is to make it an interactive and fun experience for your child. Smiles4Miles is able to provide quality care in your "own" unique environment without the distractions of things you may see and hear in a traditional dental setting. 

Yes, we even have a silent cordless dental polisher!

Old and Young


Elderly residents in nursing homes have limited oral hygiene and endure the worst oral health of any demographic.

Smiles4Miles gives families the choice of having us provide oral hygiene care to their loved one once a week. This yields a practical solution, to help increase their oral and conceivably their systemic well-being. We provide comprehensive brushing and cleaning in-between each tooth, using appropriate interdental aids. In addition, we can supply Xylitol mints, toothpaste and a toothbrush to each elder.

Important preventative dental hygiene services like dental scaling, polishing and fluoride treatments can also be provided in their own environment.

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Custom sports guards are important to absorb force when playing high impact sports, they also keep your teeth healthy. Our Custom fit sports guards are made from a thermoplastic material and are based on a detailed mould taken of your mouth and teeth. Our guards provide you with optimal safety and comfort, with their enhanced snug shape removing any unwanted movement. Custom Sport guards help to minimize the risk of concussions, soft tissue mouth injuries, and head, jaw and neck injuries.

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Are you wanting to add that extra sparkle to your smile? Would whiter teeth make you smile more often? We can make this a happen for you. Smiles4Miles offers a variety of whitening products and services that will  have your smile looking its best in no time! 

All our whitening treatments are tailored to your exclusive needs, using a unique tooth whitening system, providing you with a brighter smile.

Check out our Whitening Packages.

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Oral and systemic health go hand in hand, and abnormalities found in you mouth are linked to your systemic health. If you have heart disease, are diabetic, pregnant, or have an autoimmune disorder, it is crucial that your dental hygienist be part of your health-care team. 

Your medical and dental history is updated at every visit ensuring you are provided with the best possible care!



Wearing braces is just the first step to getting that amazing smile that you've always dreamed of. For best results and a healthy mouth, you need to take care of your teeth properly. The brackets trap plaque and food debris, if they are not cleaned well enough, you may end up with demineralization within the enamel and possibly even cavities.

We always suggest more frequent dental hygiene visits during this time period.

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It has been estimated that approximately 50% of the population has experienced tooth sensitivity at one time or another. We offer a fast, and effective needle-free alternative to treat those localized sensitive areas while we scale. It is easily applied, numbing the needed areas almost immediately, and lasting only a short duration.


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Fluoride helps to strengthen tooth enamel, making it more resistant to tooth decay, and minimizing the amount of acid on your teeth. We apply either a fluoride foam or a fluoride varnish to your teeth. A professional application of fluoride at your hygiene visit can help to further strengthen enamel, providing that added bit of protection against sensitivity and tooth decay. 

Professionally applied fluoride treatments have higher amounts of fluoride in comparison to toothpastes and mouth rinses found in stores.


Teeth Cleaning

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Adults (16 years or older)

NEW ADULT CLIENTS (16 years or older) - Teeth Cleaning

Approximate duration is 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Your first visit includes a thorough medical and dental history intake, a dental hygiene examination and a dental cleaning consisting of scaling, polishing and a fluoride treatment if needed. 


The initial visit takes slightly more time than your future dental hygiene visits. Extensive data is collected, establishing a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan for you.

There is never any rush, we consistently take our time to provide the best possible treatment, in your choice of setting. Sit  back, relax and enjoy, in the comfort of your own unique space!



Approximate duration is 60 minutes.

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Youth and Children (under 16 years old)

NEW YOUTH/CHILD CLIENT (under 16 years old) - Teeth Cleaning

Approximate duration 45 to 60 minutes.

This initial visit includes a complete medical and dental history intake, a dental hygiene examination, scaling, polish and fluoride if needed. This visit takes a little more time than the regular cleaning visit. The information that we collect, helps to provide a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan.

There is never any rush, we consistently strive to provide you with the best possible treatment in your choice of setting!


Approximate duration is 45 minutes.

Wicked White Professional Teeth Whitening

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The Wicked White Professional whitening system will help you get that whiter smile, without sensitivity, or the crazy prices that can go along with other whitening systems. The system, is free from animal bi-products, harsh chemicals and preservatives. The ingredients are 100% pure and contain no fillers or additives, both the whitening gel and the pre-treatment liquid have a neutral pH, to prevent dehydration.

*For best results we recommend a professional cleaning prior to starting any whitening treatment.

Smiles4Miles offers 3 whitening Services:

Option 1

Professionally Applied Wicked White Teeth Whitening and a Dental Cleaning

This visit takes approximately 2 hours of time.

We come to you, we will clean your teeth and apply our professional strength whitening gel afterwards! All while you relax in the comfort of your own unique space!


Option 2

Advanced LED Wicked White Professional Strength Home Kit

Delivered to your door.

This packages includes a LED light, whitening tray, 1 whitening gel pen and a pre-treatment spray. You can use it on its own, or in can be used in-between your professionally applied whitening treatments for maintenance. 

More whitening pens can be purchased when you like!


Option 3

Whitening Package - Professionally Applied Treatment & Custom made Take-Home Trays

This visit take approximately 1 hour of time.

One professional application of Wicked White gel is applied and custom made whitening trays including whitening gel is provided. Custom models of your teeth are made to make your whitening trays, they will then be delivered to you within one weeks time. 

Additional tubes of gel can be purchased when you like!

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