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Wicked White Professional Teeth Whitening

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The Wicked White Professional whitening system will help you get that whiter smile, without sensitivity, or the crazy prices that can go along with other whitening systems. The system, uses patented photo initiator gels that are free from animal bi-products, harsh chemicals and preservatives. Their ingredients are 100% pure and don't contain any fillers or additives. Both the whitening gel and the pre-treatment liquid has a neutral pH that helps to prevent dehydration, pain and it does not damage your teeth!

Our Dental Whitening Services:

Option 1

Professionally Applied Wicked White Teeth Whitening and a Dental Cleaning

This visit takes approximately 2 hours of time.

We come to you, we will clean your teeth then apply our professional strength whitening gel afterwards! All while you relax in the comfort of your own environment!


Option 2

Advanced LED Wicked White Professional Home Kit

Delivered to your door.

This packages includes a LED light, whitening tray, 1 whitening gel pen and a pre-treatment spray.

You can use it on its own, or in can be used in-between your professionally applied whitening treatments for maintenance. More whitening pens can be purchased when you like!


Option 3

Whitening Package - Professionally Applied Treatment & Custom Made Take-Home Trays

This visit take approximately 1 hour of time.

One professional application of Wicked White gel is applied and custom made whitening trays including whitening gel is provided.

Custom models of your teeth are made to make your whitening trays, they will then be delivered to you within one weeks time. Additional tubes of gel can be purchased when you like!

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