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Life is hectic, Caring for your smile shouldn't have to be complicated!

Smiles4Miles is an Independent Dental Hygiene Clinic that also provides mobile dental hygiene services! With us, you will receive similar dental hygiene care to what you would in a traditional dental office. Our distinguishing characteristic is that create a relaxed and comfortable dental experience in the comfort of your own unique space! Whether it's in the comfort of your home, your place of business, or in a care setting you're always in our capable hands. 


We understand the barriers that prevent clients from receiving the professional dental care that they deserve. Smiles4Miles is a superb alternative for active families or those who may be anxious, and trying to intentionally avoid the smells, wait times, and sounds heard in a traditional dental office! The best part is, that our services are covered by most insurance plans!

Getting to know our clients “beyond their smile” is one of the highlights of our day! We strive to provide our clients with a collaborative dental hygiene experience. We provide our clients with the resources and knowledge to help restore their oral health, enhancing their whole body health and quality of life.



We're always accepting
new patients !

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